Hi5 Kindergarten Here I Come

If you’re 5, it’s time!

Getting the right start in school can set a child up for a lifetime of success. Hi5 ensures that young children are school ready and promotes the importance of on-time kindergarten registration. Studies show that students who are ready for kindergarten and attend the first day of school are more likely to read on grade level by the 3rd grade. They are more likely to regularly attend school, and less likely to drop out of high school. When children start on the first day, they make friends and are more prepared to learn.

Over the past seven years, this program has helped Allegheny County schools reach an impressive on-time kindergarten registration rate of 90%. Parents and caregivers have been engaged to place an emphasis on timely registration and reading to their children. This success has led to community savings, as a recent study indicates that every dollar spent on these early efforts results in savings of $17 in later student remedial interventions. This initiative has been highlighted nationally and is being replicated in communities across the state.